14 considerations for the sales potential of vending

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-05
No matter how good the equipment, no matter how great the system is, no matter how fierce the marketing is, vending machines are ultimately selling goods, and retailing needs to return to the essence of service. This is the most talked about by many vending machine operators in the past two years. It is true that Internet technology provides a foundation for improving the performance and service capabilities of vending machines, but around vending machine operations, we still have to start with trivial matters. Here we have compiled some entrepreneurs, senior operators, and vending machine business managers. Some of the suggestions of, the suggestions came from many sources, and the shortcomings, everyone laughed.

1. Insist on checking your machine regularly, and don't let out of stock affect your sales.

This article is especially suitable for traditional vending machine operators who are not equipped with an Internet system. Check your machines frequently to ensure that each machine has a sufficient supply of goods, which is of great significance for ensuring sales.

2. Please check the equipment circuit regularly and do not let the controllable equipment failure affect your operation output.

Whether it is a traditional vending machine or a modern intelligent vending machine, it is extremely important to check the equipment circuit regularly. A serious examination is like a doctor's physical examination, which helps prevent some controllable equipment failures. If the mouse bites the wire, if it has not been broken, follow up and deal with it in time to ensure that your machine is in good condition at all times.

3. When choosing the location of the equipment and placing the goods into the machine, please experience the feeling of being a customer firsthand.

Confirm on the spot the perspective view of customers when they pass through your equipment, and arrange your equipment location and product placement location according to the feelings after the experience to obtain the best operational effect.

4. For a small amount of money, you must also build your own personalized vending machine.

Modern consumers are picky and experiential, so you must make the vending machine not so cold. Simply sticking and putting on cute decorative shells will bring you unexpected gains.

5. Clean the equipment regularly, and never let customers see that your machine is dirty.

No one is willing to choose a dirty machine to buy goods, because everyone likes to be clean, especially for food and drink.

6. Always learn to add goods when no one is there.

No one likes to look at the inside of the machine. The dense wires and various cold components will reduce a lot of consumer desire. If your equipment hasn't been cleaned for a long time, then you really have to pay attention.

7. Always remember to engage in promotion at any time, but the price of promotion is always relative to other products.

Always arrange for an event product, if other products sell for 5 yuan, then he will sell 4 yuan. You will find that when you take turns to do a round of promotions for all the products, your wallet will bulge a bit again.

8. Please make a round of observation before deploying the vending machine. This observation includes both the environment and the person.

Investigate the configuration and price of the goods in the surrounding convenience stores, and observe the classification of the surrounding people, white-collar workers or workers. After you have done the investigation, you can really get your machine the right 'ammunition' to help you make money.

9. Remember to update your product line regularly, stay for good ones, and look for better ones.

There has never been any kind of product that can last forever. Observe at any time and adjust it regularly to always ensure that the product in your machine is what the surrounding people need most.

10. Deal with every customer complaint promptly and patiently, even though they only spent a few dollars.

Consumers' need for a sense of respect will always exist for a long time. Even for a few dollars, you should pay attention to your customer service. Because the mouth you lose can affect 3 people, and 3 people can affect 9 people, and so on, be sure not to let your position or your business 'declare'. Consumers are much more powerful than we thought. Of course, you can also choose to work hard and serve well. I believe you will have unexpected gains.

11. The machine can only help you sell goods, and the data can't convey the user's feelings. Have time to go to your point to listen to the opinions of the guests.

FACE TO FACE communication is sometimes far more effective than you look at the data, because you will more intuitively feel the user’s experience of using the device, if you choose your machine to buy goods only because you have to, and you are naive If you think this is good, then you are in danger.

12. When adding goods, remember to bring a rag to wipe the outside of the goods.

If your consumer gets a product that leaves a handprint after picking it up, guess his impression.

13. If the staff of a physical store can distribute flyers, why not?

It seems that we are accustomed to distribute flyers only in stores where physical staff are on duty, but the fact is that convenience stores attract a lot of business through the dumbest flyers, so do you think you can not do it? At least you have notified people nearby that there is such a thing. If the price is moderate, I believe more people will come to you instead of other places.

14. Set some surprises deliberately, everyone will fall in love with you.
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