Insisting on the most strict quality standard and continuous improvement over years, Easy Touch can provide you full-line vending machine for excellence in quality, reliability and service. Each Easy Touch product is a concentrate of advanced technology, elegant design, versatility and high performance. However, we realize that sometimes things happen, if so, please don’t worry, Easy Touch will provide 12 months manufacturing machine warranty to the original purchaser on all equipment. Our Warranty covers any manufacturing defects in the physical goods under normal, indoor use during the warranty period. Under our Warranty, if a part is determined to be defective under normal use and maintenance during the warranty period, we will send you a free replacement part. After the warranty, Easy Touch will continue to provide whole-life maintenance service with compensation.


In addition, if you require on-site support, Easy Touch’s partner of global distributors and service entities are ready to assist you, but may charge for some reasonable door to door service fees. Please note that labor charges to diagnose, repair, remove, or reinstall any part(s) are specifically excluded from warranty coverage.


The warranty is voided when a cabinet or any part thereof has been subject to misuse or alteration without proper authorization. Accident or damage caused by fire, flood, transportation, civil disorder, or act of God is not covered under warranty. Besides, the following wearing parts are also excluded for the warranty, such as casters, door glass, pasted label on the machine, socket cover, power cord, etc. 


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