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by:Easy Touch     2020-09-01
Recently, in the selection of demonstration enterprises, demonstration projects, excellent service organizations and e-commerce demonstration enterprises for the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization organized by the Office of the Qingdao Leading Group for Informatization Work, the vending machine 'Smart Public Business Platform on High-end Vending Machines 'Applications' won the 'Demonstration Project of Deep Integration of Informatization and Industrialization' and 'E-commerce Demonstration Enterprise'.
As a leading company in the industry, vending machines adhere to the direction of technological and informatization research and development, relying on the strong strength of its national enterprise R&D centers, and continuously accelerating the application of information technology to promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of the vending machine industry. Insist on transforming the traditional sales model with informatization and the Internet of Things, combined with advanced achievements such as human flow statistics technology, face recognition technology, data fusion technology, machine vision technology, two-dimensional code recognition technology, cloud technology, multi-sensing technology, etc., successfully constructed The vending platform based on the application of the Internet of Things has achieved a leap in the quality of vending machines. It is reported that on the basis of convenience and speed, the platform realizes convenient payment such as telephone recharge, water and electricity payment, credit card repayment, and can also enjoy the thoughtful service of online ordering of goods, on-time delivery, and experience of movie ticket reservation, coupon printing, etc. Features. At the same time, the platform is based on multiple payment methods and membership systems, and can adopt multiple payment methods such as cash, UnionPay, all-in-one card, Yipay, Alipay, etc., to create unmanned automatic vending, intelligent management, advanced information services, A platform with diversified payment methods has become a leader and leader in the domestic vending machine industry.
Wang Qixian, general manager of the vending machine, said that in 2014, for vending machines, challenges and opportunities coexist. We will continue to uphold the corporate philosophy of 'There is no best, only better' to promote and lead the scientific development of the vending machine industry. It is our responsibility to further increase the research and development of new products, continue to do a good job in the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, and make new contributions to promote China's vending machine industry on the track of intelligence, networking, and informatization!
By operating the control buttons on the vending machine, combined with the GPRS network management function, front-field sales, restocking, back-end monitoring and management are realized, and the sales situation of each material channel of the vending machine on the market can be grasped in real time. Obtain the exact information of each vending machine through the wireless network in real time, and remotely control the vending machine, which has great results for the flexible allocation of management resources, saving management costs, and improving management efficiency.
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