About the management of vending machines

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-09
1. Mutual supervision, the administrative and financial departments arrange special personnel to switch the vending machine cash drawer locks to take charge of monthly inventory to ensure that the purchase, sales, and inventory balances are consistent and eliminate loopholes;
2. Fairness and cleanliness, the purchase of goods must be jointly purchased and negotiated by the administrative department and the financial department, and the supplier of the goods sold by the vending machine shall be determined;
3. The business account of the vending machine is counted once a week, and the administrative department registers the business account and submits it to the vending machine of the finance department to collect the payment
4. The administrative department is responsible for the operation and management of vending machines to ensure the normal operation of vending machines, and the goods provided are sold at market retail prices, which shall not be higher than market retail prices;
5. Strictly control purchases, eliminate counterfeit and inferior products, and not sell 'three-no' food and expired spoiled food on vending machines to ensure consumer health;
6. Establish a complete vending machine electronic purchase and sales ledger system to record the name, specification, quantity, production batch number (production date), shelf life, name of the supplier (purchase) and contact information, purchase (sales) of the food Delivery date and other content;
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