All kinds of vending machines in Dongguan

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-10
1. Gold vending machines at airports in Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, and Moscow. If you don’t want to hold dollars or euros on your return home, but you can’t spend them, visitors to these places can buy some at the airport’s gold vending machines in advance. bullion. This vending machine was officially unveiled at the aforementioned airport in May 2010 after its successful trial operation at Frankfurt Airport in 2009. Visitors can also buy South African Kruger gold coins, Canadian maple leaf gold coins and Australian kangaroo gold coins worth $100 in 1 ounce from these vending machines. The price of gold bars and coins in the vending machine fluctuates with market prices. You can buy 1 gram of gold bars for $50, with exquisite gift packaging. Maybe not as cost-effective as eBay, but as an airport gift, gold bars will definitely surprise people more easily than T-shirts.

2. Pizza vending machines in Italy If you want to witness the making process of Italian pizza with your own eyes, local vending machines are also a good choice. In some shopping centers and airports in Milan and Sicily, you can see a kind of vending machine called 'All Come to Eat Pizza'. The customer selects the filling (tomatoes, bacon, ham or fresh vegetables) on the top of the pie by pressing the button, and then through a small window, they can see the whole process of kneading, kneading, filling and baking in the vending machine. The vending machine can produce the pizza you want in three minutes. Such pizzas generally sell for between 5 and 8 dollars. Is it a carnival game or a frozen seafood market? In fact, it's both. A game called 'catch the lobster' can be played in more than 100 places in Maine and California. It costs $3 and has a time limit of 15 seconds. If you catch it, you will return a very delicious Maine lobster. is you. You can ask the hotel to process it for you, or you can take it away directly in a bag. However, it will take some time to explain to the airport customs officer. In this luxurious Southern California Coast hotel, the gift shop is very outdated. It was replaced by a semi-automatic purple-coated vending machine that occupies a whole wall. Tourists can buy a leather vest worth 400 dollars, a T-shirt worth 20 dollars, and handcuffs worth 350 dollars in 24K gold. Even a nearby condominium apartment, or a 1953 Cadillac Divi convertible. These commodities range in price from US$10 to US$1.2 million, and a deposit must be paid when purchasing high-end products such as cars or condominiums.

3. Raw egg vending machines in Japan and California, USA In a country like Japan where rice can be bought from vending machines, vending machines that sell eggs are not surprising. Such vending machines are generally built by local farmers on the roadside in Japan. Similarly, at Glaum Egg Ranch family farm near Santa Cruz, California, you can buy 24 eggs from free-range chickens for $3. You can also see the scene of free-range chicken production.
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