Campus vending machine: scientific epidemic prevention

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-21
The hot summer day came unexpectedly.
As of May 29, 2020, the number of confirmed cases worldwide reached a staggering 5.8 million cases.
Even in the country that strictly abides by the symptomatic policy of no going out, no visitors, wearing a mask, and washing hands frequently,
The cumulative number of confirmed cases has reached more than 80,000 cases.
In this environment,
Unmanned vending machines have reappeared in people's sight.
vending machine
Due to the impact of this epidemic,
Until now, most colleges and universities in our country still have not opened school.
No specific return date was announced.
June is coming soon, and it must be getting closer and closer to the start of the university.
But this epidemic is far from over,
Adequate epidemic prevention measures must still be taken to prevent the virus that has passed away in the summer.
Then, the epidemic prevention work on campus after the opening of colleges and universities is particularly important.
The prevention policy of wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, and not touching is in contrast to the epidemic situation at home and abroad,
It fully proves its importance.
So how to ensure the daily life of students and the implementation of this preventive policy on campus is the top priority.
Contactless shopping, there is simply no solution to the problem better than a vending machine.
Just fill the vending machine with the items needed for life,
For example, snacks, beverages, shampoo, shower gel and other commodities can be placed in the dormitory to meet the daily needs of students.
It couldn't be more perfect.
For this reason, campus vending machines have become more and more popular in the eyes of many investors.
At this node, putting vending machines on campus is undoubtedly a very good entrepreneurial project.
We only need to negotiate with the school,
Choose a suitable vending machine,
Then sell some hot-selling goods just needed in the vending machine,
Put into the school,
You can get a steady stream of generous benefits.
If you are interested in the campus vending machine project but don’t know much about it,
Welcome to consult us Zhongji, we are one of the most professional vending machine manufacturers in the industry,
We will give you the most satisfactory answer to your question.
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