Can the unmanned vending machine fit any product?

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-25
I believe everyone has seen the common unmanned vending machines. They are usually sold in subway stations or in the community to sell drinks and snacks, or on the facade to sell adult products, but now they are not limited to selling such items. , Now you can sell everything, it depends on whether there is a market for the sold items and whether the sold items can be kept fresh in time. This year, Zhongji launched a lot of customized unmanned vending machines, which is also to improve consumers’ recognition of products. Configured vending machine. But this does not mean that unmanned vending machines can be put in everything. Many merchants don't know much about customized unmanned vending machines, and why they can be put in. Such an approach is very wrong, and it may cause serious problems. Not a small loss.

1. Products such as bread age faster when the temperature is low. But when the bread is placed in the unmanned vending machine, it hardens faster. A reasonable place for bread should be a bread showcase.
2. Put foods like chocolate in the unmanned vending machine. Hoarfrost will appear after a while. The original mellow taste is gone, and bacteria will multiply. According to the scientific research personnel of the unmanned vending machine, the storage temperature of chocolate is 5℃-18℃. If the room temperature is too high in summer, you can seal it with a plastic bag first, and then store it in the refrigerator compartment of the unmanned vending machine. When taking it out, let it slowly return to room temperature before eating.
3. Some common fruits cannot be placed in unmanned vending machines, such as bananas. This type of fruit is more suitable for storage at room temperature. If it is air-conditioned, the skin will turn black. This will give people a feeling. It has deteriorated, and most of the bananas are not very mature after being picked. They need to be left for a period of time to ripen, but they will not be ripe if they are placed in an unmanned vending machine, and they will taste astringent. Will buy.
4. Secondly, some vegetables cannot be put in. For example, if tomatoes are put in, they will change the internal structure and become quite fragmentary, and they will not taste like that; when garlic is put in, it will be particularly easy to mold and deteriorate; there are common ones. Potatoes and other starch-rich foods that are left in the unmanned vending machine for too long will cause the starch to decompose, which is more unpalatable. Such foods can only be thrown away.
There are many similar things. Although the unmanned vending machine can help us store fruits and vegetables well in our daily life, a few things can only be stored at room temperature. The unmanned vending machine is only an auxiliary. Good food can be preserved well, but bad use will accelerate the damage to food, so you must understand more when using it and don't make such mistakes.
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