Can the vending machine distinguish between genuine

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-22
Have you ever used a vending machine to buy something? You may be surprised that the vending machine does not have eyes. How does it know if you are giving a real coin? What if you put a metal piece the same size as the coin into the vending machine? The results will surprise you. The vending machine will spit out fake coins. How does the vending machine distinguish between genuine and fake coins? The reason why the vending machine can distinguish fake coins is because there is an electronic coin checker inside the vending machine, which can check the material and diameter of the coin It is detected with the thickness to identify the true and false of the coin and the size of the face value. If any of the detection results of the counterfeit coin is different from the set value, it will be recognized as a counterfeit coin and the vending machine will spit it out.
Vending machines can distinguish true and false coins, so how should we distinguish between them in daily life? In fact, there are ways to distinguish between genuine and fake coins. 1. Touch by hand. Criminals generally use molds to make fake coins. The pattern is often blurry than the real coin, and it feels a bit slick to the touch, not as smooth as real coins. 2. Look. The center line of the real coin is a double-sided pattern, which is formed at a time. The center lines of the front and back patterns overlap, while the fake coin is pressed twice, so the center line of the pattern on both sides of the fake coin is misaligned. 3. Rusty In all likelihood, coins are fake. Real coins are made of metal alloys and are not easy to rust.
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