Energy-saving induction vending equipment

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-13
Qingdao vending machines have appeared in the Chinese market for 17 years, and so far there are only more than 30,000 units nationwide, and most of them are limited to cash transactions. The reason lies in the uncivilized behavior of some citizens, so that vending machines are often 'robbed'. Vending machines have been immobile in our country for many years, and they are 'stuck' in insecurity. The idlers destroyed the unattended vending machine in order to get a few dollars for a small drink, until the barbed wire was installed in front of the vending machine's merchandise display panel. The vending machine did not vomit after eating money, which may have been one of the reasons for the destruction.
As for the malicious behaviors such as hanging coins with a string to trick the vending machine into 'fishing' goods, stuffing rubbish into the coin slot, etc., the vending machine suffers unpredictable disasters, and it also damages the city's appearance. A disfigured vending machine is even more popular among the citizens. discount.
At night, the machine will only become bright when the sensor senses the presence of a person. The power consumption of the original beverage vending machine in Qingdao is about 1,600 kilowatts per year on average. The use of energy-saving induction vending machines has reduced the original 40%, and the power consumption is maintained at about 990 kilowatts.
Qingdao vending machine lighting uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) that consume less power. Energy-saving methods are not only applied to lighting. So far, there are many vending machines that use electric hot lines to release hot air and warm beverages into the atmosphere. If a vending machine sells cold and hot beverages at the same time, it can use the heat discharged from the refrigerating device to heat the beverage. The use of the discharged heat has appeared in recent years, and the users are only a few.
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