Improve the profit model of automatic vending

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-27
In order to allow more small and medium-sized vending machine operation service providers to have a better development space, the vending machine industry needs to establish a complete operation, management, and profit model, and have a more professional perspective and a strong guidance team for these Only when enterprises provide effective services, provide strong support, and support small and medium-sized enterprises, can they promote the progress of the entire industry. China Vending Industry Network: First of all, what is the 'operator' model of the vending industry? Answer: It is to divide the entire process of vending machine operation and service, and establish a complete supply system (equipment procurement, point development, daily operation, service tracking, equipment maintenance) of the industry chain. It is up to each service provider to decide what role to assume in such a system based on its own actual situation, provided that you must be professional in this field, just like the real estate industry: developers are responsible for funds and land; design consensus Responsible for overall planning; construction companies are responsible for construction; professional agencies are responsible for sales; property companies are responsible for daily management. This is the complete industrial chain of the real estate industry. As early as 2002, I proposed the form of the vending operator model. China Vending Industry Network: In the 'operator' model, there must be operators, so what is called an operator? Answer: At present, most companies in China are doing operations for themselves. This is not called an operator. The so-called operator is that after you have bought the machine yourself and found the spot, a professional team will be responsible for helping you operate. This team is called the operator. What the operator can do for customers is from the methods, methods, services, Technically superior, to help you improve service quality, improve business performance, and meet customer needs at the same time. This requires a high degree of specialization for operators, so there are currently no operators in the Chinese vending machine industry in a strict sense. Before, we have helped many companies, through our professional guidance, their machines are malfunctioning. Decrease, customer satisfaction, and performance improved by at least 30%~50%. We put it into a good cycle pattern.
China Vending Industry Network: So what are the difficulties in the current development of China's vending industry operation model? Answer: There are many small and medium-sized enterprises. Although they have taken a fancy to the business opportunities in this industry, they do not have enough funds to invest, so they purchase a large number of second-hand machines. This is like the concept of second-hand cars. After an experienced driver buys a second-hand car, he can quickly solve any problems, but novices may not be able to accurately find the root of the problem. Entering the market blindly and not knowing the product, such a state will make the company smaller and smaller, and eventually even be eliminated. China Vending Industry Network: If there are some individuals who want to invest in vending machines and purchase them separately, will they be blind? Answer: He will not be blind. What he lacks is that he needs to have a professional team to check it. It is like a person who wants to buy a house but does not know where to buy it. Then you can consult the agency and the agency will give you Some industry experience information he is familiar with. So be sure to find a professional team to provide you with the backing support. At present, we are already trying our best to build a post-operation service team that asks all questions. We hope that in the future we can build a complete industrial chain in this regard and help more The company develops China's vending industry network: Why are Japanese vending machines everywhere? Answer: All vending machines in Japan are provided by beverage vendors, because each vending machine only sells one brand of goods, so you often see vending machines of different brands all over the street in Japan. Unlike Chinese vending machines, you can buy products of multiple brands in one machine. Therefore, in China, the machine is purchased by the operators themselves. The autonomy of selling goods is relatively large. There are many kinds of goods sold on a machine. The machine is like a department store. It is precisely because of this that Chinese operators take care of it. There are a lot of problems, and the operating pressure is great. Therefore, it is unrealistic to rely on one or two companies to grow larger or support the entire industry. The future development of China's vending machines is bound to flourish. China Vending Industry Network: How can the vending industry continue to develop better? Answer: If operators unreasonably compete with each other and tear each other down, the only result will be that everyone closes their doors. This is beneficial to the development of the entire industry Unfortunately, this approach is also very short-sighted and stupid. But at present, there are always some so-called big companies and leaders who always want to be the leader, so we have to act as spokespersons for those small and medium-sized enterprises to safeguard the interests of the industry. Do your best to help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome difficulties and seek development, and encourage and welcome more people to join this industry again. In the overall industry in the future, I believe that 30% of the market share will be shared by small businesses. If a small company does not have the overall care of an operator, it will be difficult for a small company to grow and grow if it has problems and does not know who to solve it. I hope this website can become the 'maiden' of these companies. Become a credible third party. Make a professional post-planning for those who want to develop. The prosperity and development of the entire industry is the result of everyone's common progress, and the activity of the entire market is helpful to the development of the industry. And in many cases, helping those who are in difficulties is helping themselves while letting them develop. In the operating model of this industry, we hope that we can develop together and make our peers become friends and support each other. The value of such services far exceeds material value. With a good reputation, the career can be more long-term.
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