Installing a vending machine has direct benefits

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-25
There are direct benefits of installing a vending machine in an office, and its advantages are straightforward in any company. Both the boss and the employees can enjoy this service together, and everyone can enjoy a short break together, which can relieve the tension and pressure at work. In terms of cost, providing these self-service methods can save the company's cost and time, so that there is no need to install a traditional canteen, reduce personnel costs, and provide services with double work efficiency.
This also avoids unreasonable absence of employees from work for a long time. Some professionals say that according to statistics, if there are 10 employees in the office, they will lose 200 hours a month and they will not be in the office. After converting the value, it can be understood that the company will have a monthly loss of 1,600 euros. But if there is a reserved space in the employee’s office as a coffee room, the time lost by the company will be reduced by half. On the other hand, it can also encourage personal and interpersonal relationships. In fact, in the time of drinking coffee with your partner, most of them will have good ideas in a few minutes.
For the boss, the advantages are manifold. According to different seasons, providing coffee or snacks will make your employees work comfortably and at ease, and also avoid employees' complaints about the company's employer or work. Coffee can stretch muscles and relax the spirit at all times. There is a chat space with other departments of the company, which avoids the embarrassment of being an employee of the company but not knowing his colleagues. Employees will also see the positive side of the company, which also makes the day's work more comfortable. Therefore, self-service office services, both in terms of number of people and employee satisfaction, bring huge benefits.
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