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Intelligent Vending Machine (with automated detection of product position)

Intelligent Vending Machine (with automated detection of product position)





Type of Goods Sold

Electronic devices, food products, beverages, books, 

other consumer products etc.

Up to 80 selections


1480 (W) X 1005 (D) X 1960 (H)


About 400-800pcs, depends on the final package size

Payment Method  (MDB protocol / RS232 Portal)

Cash: Bill /Banknote; Coin

Cashless: QR Code, Credit/Debit Card, Traffic Card

Cooling/Heating Function

Refrigerating Temperature range: 2-10℃

Refrigerant :R134a

Operating Power

Ambient :75W;  

Cooling : 500W


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Our Intelligent vending machine with automated detection of product position is one of our newest and innovative automated retail machines. It is equipped with one intelligent 3D robotic carriage, which can move freely in horizontal and vertical orientation; determine the location of the given product relative to the shelves, pick it gently and dispense to the customer.


Unlike conventional machines that were designed to dispense a limited range of package types, this machine have extreme product flexibility. It can accommodate a large variety of packages, including electronic devices, food products, beverages, books, other consumer products, etc. Thanks to its delivery of helpful, some high value and fragile or delicate items also can be sold, such as phones, music players, cameras, computers, memory cards, video games, head phones, etc. We believe this machine will help to boom your retail business.


Features and Advantages

                                                “Easy Touch, Easy Life”, from interactive touch screens to custom graphic wraps, each of our vending equipment has its specific advantage to fit your needs, which can help your market more effectively. 

And we will keep continuous researches and innovations, bring out new products with new features to provide you more ideal choice and meets your various demands.

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