Introduction of Intelligent Vending Machine

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-07
Today's products are getting smarter and smarter, including vending machines. Our vending machines in Dongguan Oneida Trading Co., Ltd. can receive weather forecasts and give customers different suggestions based on weather conditions. For example, in the hot summer, the sales opportunity recommends that customers drink some refreshing cold drinks, especially cold drinks with mint that can cool off the heat. If it is a snowy winter, the vending machine will suggest customers to have a cup of hot coffee or hot sake to quench the cold. Of course, the vending machine only provides suggestions for those hesitating customers, just press the 'recommend' button when you need to provide suggestions. If you are sure that you want to buy a certain kind of drink or a certain kind of snack, you don't need to press the 'recommend' button, and you don't need to listen to the nagging of the vending machine.

This smart vending machine also has an LCD panel on the surface, which can show customers the characteristics of the purchased product, including health advice, manufacturer, shelf life, and suitable people. The payment method of this kind of vending machine is also very advanced. It can be coin-operated, bank card or special stored-value card, or mobile banking. Manufacturers will first put this kind of vending machines on streets, stations, airports, shopping malls and other public places in Tokyo, Japan, with an initial volume of 500 units.

In addition to this intelligent vending machine, many manufacturers have begun to try to take the road of specialization, deciding to sell only one kind of product for each vending machine, which can attract more 'fans' of this product, and it can also do a good job. Promote the product.
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