Introduction to the three common payment methods

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-17
What is online payment? Online payment refers to the transfer of funds through the Internet as a carrier. Using a certain digital financial tool supported by the bank, the financial exchange occurs between the buyer and the seller to realize the transfer from the buyer to the financial institution , Online currency payment, cash flow, fund clearing, query statistics and other processes between merchants, thereby providing financial support for e-commerce services and other services.
  Different vending machines have different payment methods, generally divided into the following three categories:
   1. IC card payment type, supports all kinds of IC card payment, including UnionPay card, Yangchengtong, all-in-one card, etc. It is convenient and easy to use. The back-end service system can be configured for unified management according to the quantity.
  2. Mobile payment type, support mobile phone calls or send text messages to purchase goods in the machine, you can choose between deduction and no deduction. The background service system can be configured according to the quantity, which has a strong fashion trend.
  3. Money payment type, MDB standard money system supports paper money and coin payment, supports coin change, has a high anti-counterfeiting ability and a complete anti-theft system, and is currently the most common and convenient payment method. Users can select related functions according to their needs.
   is still more popular now the second type: mobile payment type. After all, mobile phones are very popular now. Alipay is more commonly used. Alipay has established strategic partnerships with more than 180 banks at home and abroad, as well as international organizations such as VISA and MasterCard, and has become the most trusted partner of financial institutions in the field of electronic payments.
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