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Large Capacity Beverage & Soda Vendor
(PC30 Series)

Large Capacity Beverage & Soda Vendor
(PC30 Series)





Type of Goods Sold

Can/Bottle packaged soda、mineral water、drinks, etc.

up to 30/36 selections


1412 (W) X 820 (D) X 1910 (H)


In total: 516-620 
(320 cans of Φ66mm and 300 bottles of Φ69mm

Payment Method  
(MDB protocol / RS232 Portal)

Cash: Bill /Banknote; Coin

Cashless: QR Code, Credit/Debit Card, Traffic Card

Cooling/Heating Function

Left room of the heating and cooling function,  
Right room of cooling function only
Refrigerant : R134a

Operating Power

Ambient  temperature: 85W;  
left cooling / right cooling / left heating /dual cooling: 365W/365W/400W/462W

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Whether vending sodas, water, milk, tea, coffee, energy drinks or anything in cans or plastic bottles, you can rely on our unique beverage vending machines.


With specifically designed serpentine stacking column, up to 21/36 selections and 350/600 pieces capacity; with high speed dispensing speed; it is the most reliable and efficient vendor on the market, can be placed in high traffic areas/school/hospital/scenic spots etc.


Our beverage vending machine can be equipped with engaging screen of varies size, which can play the shopping ads pictures and video, enhance the user’s purchase experience, increases the sales, win new business.


Optical Function: Electronic price tag 


Features and Advantages

   “Easy Touch, Easy Life”, from interactive touch screens to custom graphic wraps, each of our vending equipment has its specific advantage to fit your needs, which can help your market 

more effectively. Specifically designed serpentine stacking column, 350-600 pieces large loading capacity, efficient and reliable dispensing, suit to vend sodas, 

water, milk, tea, coffee,energy drinks or anything in cans or plastic bottles, whatever the cold or hot beverage.

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