Online and offline interconnection has become

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-11
The use of automated equipment is becoming more and more common, among which Dongguan vending machines, which provide convenient services to everyone in public places, are also sought after by people. Now the world has entered the era of 'triple play'. The mutual penetration and compatibility of telecommunication networks, radio and television networks and computer communication networks has become an unstoppable trend and trend.
Qingdao vending machine is a brand-new consumption method developed in Japan, Europe and the United States in the 1970s, and is also known as a 24-hour micro self-service supermarket. People can not only buy drinks and food from vending machines, but even a pair of stylish jeans. In my country, vending machines started relatively late. In 2002, the company took the lead in manufacturing and selling vending machines, and established a market network in dozens of large and medium cities across the country.
The new Dongguan vending machine connects online and offline. In addition to the traditional offline mode of cash payment and pickup at the vending machine, users can also use bank cards, Alipay, WeChat, Baidu Wallet, etc. Currency is used smoothly in the field of vending machines, and new biometric recognition technologies such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition are also in full preparation.
The Qingdao vending machine is no longer a silly big guy who only eats coins and spits Coke. It has transformed into a dual entrance of big data and financial payments. It also carries the export carrier of mobile e-commerce, instantly becoming taller!
Some users will say that traditional companies still have opportunities, and the key to the development of the industry is to look at the ultimate products and good user experience. Needless to say, good products and user experience, I highly agree with this point. However, the traditional format will die, and the future of retail will definitely be the Internet + smart vending terminals + mobile e-commerce. This is by no means alarmist. The younger users, the increasingly lazy people, the gradual improvement of the construction of the mobile Internet, and the key support of the national strategy for the industry, will all prepare for future disruption.
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