Opportunity development of vending machines

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-08
First, what is the individual market for vending machines?

Recently, there was an article on the Internet called 'Seize the 'N' Trend: When the sales machines are updated, the emerging self-service individual market takes advantage of the vacancy.' The author, former chairman of the National Automated Marketing Association, former veteran vending operator and CEO of Aventi Bill Brinton, believes that the individual market is a convenience store-style area. The difference is that there is no cashier standing in front of the counter. This is like a box of honor with steroids. He found that 'Customers can discover by themselves, and then there are hundreds of products for them to choose from.' He also found that 'taxes in the vending machine industry are shrinking, sales It keeps falling. It’s not easy for manufacturers to develop new products. At the same time, employees and customers are looking for inspiration and innovation at the same time,” Brinton believes. “The large numbers that support artificial food operations are shrinking. However, the company does not want to get involved in the vending industry.'

Still in this article, the author also pointed out that the self-service individual vending market is where customers can choose their favorite brands and businesses from the self-checkout service touch kiosk. Through the self-service kiosk, customers can identify each item through the checkout process, display the price and total price, and allow payment. The self-service kiosk is also equipped with a stereo wireless scanner, which can identify the UPC barcode and RFID tag attached to each product. According to the system, customers can pay with cash, debit or credit cards, or a prepaid stored-value card and tag. According to this tag, customers can recharge at payment stations that accept cash or debit or credit cards . Some systems also use biometrics as a payment method of choice.

Second, how does the information technology system promote the growth of the individual vending market?

Brinton also explained that the individual market concept was proposed 7 years ago and was released as a free shopping system, which uses RFID tags as pricing and security cameras to control business sites. Facts have proved that this is a feasible method, he said. Just as the QR code application launched by 56iq digital signage is very popular. Since the introduction of the UPC QR code system on product packaging appeared last year, the concept of individual markets has grown tremendously. Operators will print out these outlines and paste them on unpackaged products. Customers who are in the checkout queue must Has long been used to it. Self-checkout stores using QR code technology started operating in 2010. During this period, new retail methods have truly gained a foothold in the retail industry.

Third, other benefits or opportunities

1. Easy access to products: Another advantage of self-checkout stores is that customers can check the products and read their nutritional information before buying them.

2. Flexibility: For the individual market, a major advantage is that they give operators the opportunity to give customers what they want, without having to be constrained to consider whether they are compatible with the vending industry.

3. Profitability: Financial experts themselves are a very vivid example. According to Brinton, the average profit of the traditional sales model is 1.15% compared with 17% of the individual market.

Now back to the original question, does the individual market provide brand new opportunities for well-known brands in recent years? The answer is of course, but the marketing department that resists risks will never agree.
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