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by:Easy Touch     2020-09-19
After the popularization of mobile payment, people's consumption methods are increasingly dependent on mobile phones, and scanning QR code shopping has become a 'trend.' In order to comply with this consumption habit, the mobile payment function introduced by vending machines has become a necessary payment method for vending machines. After the customer selects the product, the QR code is automatically generated, and the customer can obtain the product by scanning the QR code, which is very convenient and simple .
Some vendors have posted their own payment code on a prominent position of the vending machine, so that consumers can directly scan the code with their mobile phone to pay. However, this practice soon found the 'opportunity' for the criminals to make money, and quietly posted their payment code on the QR code of the merchant to transfer the payment.

The problem of vending machine jams has always existed more or less, so many people think that they may be too unlucky. Criminals take advantage of this to make customers think that the vending machine is jammed and the product will not fall to hide the QR code. It was not until consumers complained about the vending machine that both parties realized that they were being tricked. It can also be seen that the drawbacks of vending machines are, and this allows criminals to be careful.
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In addition to the problem of the vending machine itself, people have neglected to distinguish the authenticity of the two-dimensional code, and people's insufficient understanding of the vending machine is also an important reason. In response to this situation, vending machine manufacturers have also reflected on their own problems, and mobile payment payments have been improved.
①Fix the QR code of the fuselage to match the online store
The vending machine is attached with a QR code independent of its own device. Scan the QR code to enter the purchase page, and add the goods to be purchased to the shopping cart and finally pay for it. This type of vending machine does not require a numeric keypad and an electronic screen, because its QR code is directly attached to the device and can be easily replaced. But as long as it is clear that the use of this type of vending machine will be accompanied by an online shopping mall, if it is a fake QR code, it will not be able to enter, unless a fake mall is also set up.
②Electronic screen displays QR code or scan code
The consumer directly enters the cargo lane number of the product on the numeric keyboard, and the electronic screen randomly generates a QR code, and the consumer scans the QR code to complete the payment. The other method is more convenient and safer. The consumer generates the payment code and sends it to the electronic screen for scanning. Direct deduction without confirmation is required. This type of vending machine simply and rudely eliminates QR code fraud.
Consumers only need to know two questions when using the above two vending machines. 1. A vending machine with a fixed QR code does not have a numeric keyboard and cannot directly scan and pay. It must be accompanied by a wired shopping platform. (Because there is no channel to choose the product, it is impossible to distinguish which product is purchased, so it cannot be traded. It is the same as the unmanned shelf) 2. Vending machines with their own electronic screens will not add a fixed QR code repeatedly, directly The transaction is completed by the electronic screen.
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The problem of stuck goods and non-shipment is a pain point of vending machines, and it is also a missing point that is difficult to detect in a QR code scam. Most consumers of vending machines report that it is not uncommon for vending machines to get stuck, and they are already “accustomed to it”. It is this wrong “habit” that allows consumers to scan a false QR code and no product When it falls, it will be blamed on the vending machine problem, causing the vending machine operators and consumers to fail to discover the QR code scam in time.

From this point of view, most people have a certain misunderstanding of vending machines. It is for this reason that the functions of vending machines have been qualitatively improved, especially to solve the problem of jams and diversify the shipping channels. Choose in line with the goods sold; apply infrared scanning technology to achieve accurate and fast shipments and handle refund issues.
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