Share 2 common small problems of unmanned vending machines

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-30
As a hot new retail carrier nowadays, vending machines have inherent advantages: 24 hours unattended, convenient payment, good customer experience, etc. They have captured a large number of venture capitalists and entered this new blue ocean market. . Many operators and even individuals have developed a variety of merchandise sales based on unmanned vending machines and broadened their income channels. Although unmanned vending machines are convenient and operate properly, they are almost profitable. However, many customers have reported various minor problems. Here we have listed two common phenomena for reference to friends who are new to the industry.

Often novice customers ask: Will the machine be damaged if the device is not turned off for a long time?  
Many vending machines purchased by customers have never been turned off. In order to make money, they have been turned on. So, will this affect the machine too much? Will it have any bad effect on the compressor and reduce the service life of the compressor? In fact, most of the vending machines on the market use microcomputer temperature control, with automatic constant temperature function, the temperature is cycled between 2-8 degrees, stop at 2 degrees, and start at 8 degrees. The compressor will automatically stop when it reaches a certain temperature after working for a period of time. Frequent switch on and off will not work well for the compressor and also affect the service life of the freezer.

   Therefore, during the use of the vending machine, there is no need to switch frequently, just keep the cabinet running normally. This improves the service life of the compressor, greatly reduces the power consumption of the vending machine, and improves the working efficiency of the vending machine.
Another very common question is: Why does the vending machine make noise?
Generally speaking, it is normal for the vending machine to have sound when it is turned on. The vending machine makes noise, mainly because the compressor will start when it is cooling, and it is normal that there will be noise at that time. In addition, the position of the vending machine is not stable, the refrigerant is unstable when the system is started, and the compressor in the cabinet will vibrate, which will also cause noise. It is worth noting that when the unmanned vending machine produces noise, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the dust on the condenser.
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