Unmanned vending machine|What should be paid attention

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-23
Seeing this title, the first thing we should think of is whether the unmanned vending machine can withstand the wind and sun, whether the unmanned vending machine is anti-theft, and so on. With the development of economy and technology, people's living standards have gradually improved, and more and more tricks have been derived from unmanned self-service equipment, such as self-service KTV, self-service doll machine, self-service massage chair and so on. But these can only be used indoors, while the unmanned vending machine equipment is suitable for various scenes including outdoor. Now many outdoor places such as parks, squares, commercial streets, tourist attractions have put various unmanned vending machine equipment. What should be paid attention to when unmanned vending machines are placed outdoors?

1. The ground of the site must be firm and reliable, and the location must be higher than the ground. First, the ground should be level. Although the height of the four feet of the unmanned vending machine can be adjusted individually, once the unevenness of the ground exceeds the adjustment range of the feet, it will also affect the normal use of the machine. If it is soft soil, it is likely to cause the machine to sag and tilt or even tip over and cause accidents. Therefore, the ground is required to be firm and reliable, preferably cement ground or stone ground. It would be great if there are anti-sinking piers dedicated to unmanned vending machines. In addition, the location of the machine should be higher than the ground, so that the machine can be soaked in heavy rain outdoors.

2. The top of the machine must have a rain-proof roof. Outdoors, wind and rain are inevitable, especially direct rain will have a great impact on the overall service life of the machine. Especially the touch screen and the cash module are high-precision devices, and water will affect their normal operation. The outdoor ceiling can be customized according to the specific situation by a local company. This does not require much, and it is sturdy, reliable and rainproof.

3. There is a good grounding power supply. The unmanned vending machine uses ordinary household 220V/50hz triangular plug power supply. The unmanned vending machine is a highly sophisticated mechanical equipment that will generate static electricity and induced current during the working process. It must have a good grounding wire.

Fourth, a good public security environment. This is a factor that must be taken into account when placing unmanned vending machines outdoors. If the local outdoor security is very poor and people often damage the equipment, you must pay attention. A monitor can be installed at a 45-degree angle in front of the machine to show warning. However, with the overall improvement of the national quality, there are now fewer and fewer people destroying outdoor equipment.

To achieve the above four points, most of the unmanned vending machine equipment will be better protected, and the service life will be relatively extended. Friends who put outdoor unmanned vending machines must refer to these four points!
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