What are the advantages of smart self-pickup vending

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-20
With the rapid development of the unmanned retail industry, vending machines are attracting more and more people who want to start their own businesses. Today we will focus on analyzing some of the advantages and disadvantages of the smart self-pickup cabinet.
Everyone knows that vending machines in the modern sense appeared after the second industrial revolution, and the third industrial revolution gave vending machines the wings to take off. But these are all vending machines in the traditional sense. The cargo lanes used are generally S-shaped stacked cargo lanes, drawer spring spiral cargo lanes, drawer crawler cargo lanes, multi-door lattice cabinets, etc. The payment method is also changed from From the traditional paper money and coin cash payment to the novel mobile phone scan code payment and facial recognition payment by face recognition in recent years.
The advantages of traditional vending machines are that they have to pay before shipping and have a complete risk control plan. During the operation, the loss rate is low, the loopholes are few, and the man-made losses of goods are few. The disadvantages are also obvious. The equipment is complicated and the manufacturing cost is high. Due to the limitation of the cargo lane structure, special machines must be dedicated. For example, the S-shaped stacking lane can only sell bottled and canned drinks but not snacks; the drawer spring spiral cargo lane can sell most products but Poor heat preservation, high power consumption and high jam rate.
vending machine
In order to solve the problem of high cost of vending machines, the emerging sharing economy in the past two years gave birth to shared shelves and shared containers without risk control solutions, but this is purely based on human quality. It is said that the sharing economy is a mirror of the quality of the masses. This is the case. After a period of time to operate the sharing economy, the rate of loss of goods is far beyond people's imagination.
Is there a solution that can not only reduce the manufacturing cost of machinery and tools, but also provide a good risk control solution, and the cargo lane does not have much demand on the size of the product packaging? Through the concerted efforts of major manufacturers in the industry, a new generation of unmanned retail terminal equipment was born-intelligent self-pickup cabinets (smart vending cabinets). This equipment adds a payment system and a monitoring system to the traditional refrigerator, which can be understood as a compromise between the traditional vending machine and the traditional refrigerator.
There are only three solutions for smart vending cabinets, namely RFID, weighing, and visual recognition. RFID is to inlay the identification device on the door frame of the smart vending cabinet. Each product will be pasted with a corresponding RFID tag. When the product is taken away, it will be recognized by the identifier when it passes through the door frame. This scheme has a high recognition rate of mature technology, but its defects are also obvious. The cost of RFID materials is high, and the labor cost for separate paste is also huge. Weighing schemes are relatively backward and rely on weighing to identify products. Once two products have the same weight, it is not good. The defects are relatively large and have been eliminated. The prospect of visual recognition is relatively bright. Relying on the wide-angle camera on each floor of the cargo lane to monitor the goods, with image recognition and artificial intelligence technology for recognition, the program has gradually matured and has become the mainstream solution for smart vending cabinets. This type of cabinet has also received an nickname ' Vision Cabinet'.
Smart vending cabinet
The 'visual cabinet' opens the door by swiping the face of the customer's Alipay. After the product is taken and closed, the visual system can know which products the customer has taken and automatically settle the payment in the Alipay background. Whoever bought what goods and what operations on which smart vending cabinet at any time will have a complete video record. Once an abnormality is found, the person can be contacted. The risk control plan is perfect, so I want to be careful about taking advantage of the loopholes It's almost impossible.
In the next few years, smart vending cabinets will gradually replace the traditional refrigerators in front of supermarket stores.
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