What are the characteristics of the new retail

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-30
Vending machines are certainly no stranger to us now. With the development of technology, the application range of vending machines is becoming wider and wider. After the rise of the new retail concept, vending machines are even more express vehicles equipped with mobile payments, and the development is in full swing. , The fire is a mess. Nowadays, a large number of new retail vending machines are installed in stations, subway stations, communities, shopping malls and other places to facilitate people of all kinds. So what are the characteristics of the new retail vending machine?

New retail vending machines often have the following characteristics:
The whole body steel structure is strong and durable;
The size of the cargo lane can be adjusted to adapt to different sizes of goods; optional temperature control system, such as heating, refrigerating, and freezing goods;
Can receive banknotes and coins, pre-deposited coins (optional with pre-deposited banknote change function);

Support UnionPay card swiping, WeChat/Alipay/JD scan QR code payment;
Support Internet/WeChat public account cloud background management system;
Can be operated by remote control shortcut keys;
Photoelectric drop detection;
The machine is a foaming process, with better heat preservation effect, more energy saving, and stronger structure of the machine; an alarm system is optional, even if the power is off, it also supports remote monitoring/speaking/intercom/monitoring, and call reminders.
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