What are the components of the vending machine

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-13
Qingdao vending machines, also known as unmanned vending machines, include beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, fruit and vegetable vending machines, and so on. Vending machines are not high-end precision equipment, but there are also very few internal components-resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, field effect tubes, bridge stacks, buzzers, buttons, transformers or switching power supplies, voltage regulator ICs, digital IC, driver IC, single chip microcomputer, memory, terminal, wiring harness, PCB, banknote recognizer, coin device, shipping motor or electromagnet, relay, compressor refrigeration unit, PTC heating device, temperature control circuit, display screen, leakage circuit breaker ・・・
In the retail industry, Qingdao vending machines are gradually evolving into intelligent networked terminals. In other words, they can open up online and offline purchase channels, realize active interaction with users, and even integrate with e-commerce logistics. 'Interconnection', 'Intelligent', 'Security', 'Manageable', and 'Data Analysis' are its standard equipment. Nowadays, facing the wave of the Internet of Things, Easy Touch and other well-known smart vending machine manufacturers continue to implement more technological innovations about networked smart terminals, including retail customer management systems, video surveillance, data cloud storage, etc., to better realize the interconnection of smart devices , Management and safety assurance, thus bringing a more perfect user experience.
Qingdao vending machines operate unmanned for 24 hours, an alternative retail model. In the first-tier cities, vending machines are not a new thing for a long time, but in second- and third-tier cities, they are rare. There is also a saying a few days ago that vending machines are not popular in China because consumers have no sense of trust in vending machines. Vending machines are machines that will always malfunction, such as swallowing money and not spitting goods, and inaccurate change.
However, do consumers really have no sense of trust in vending machines? With the development of technology, the quality of Qingdao vending machines has been guaranteed, especially for vending machine brands such as Easy Touch. The supervision and inspection of the industrial and commercial departments and the supervisory departments also urged vending machine manufacturers to produce and operate legally.
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