What are the functions of Qingdao vending machine

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-29
At the China Telecom booth, there was a Qingdao vending machine, which at first glance was no different from an ordinary vending machine. When I opened the LCD screen interface, I found that this Qingdao vending machine is a little different. Open the interface, in addition to showing that you can buy coffee, milk tea, etc., you can also buy movie tickets, train tickets, lottery tickets, etc., and even pay with credit cards. When the reporter clicked to buy milk tea, another interface appeared. In addition to the available currency to buy, they can also get free milk tea by watching advertisements and answering questionnaires. Merchants can also distribute samples through machines and receive user information.
'In fact, the real Internet of Things users can't see it.' The staff said that the information of Qingdao vending machine is connected to the back-end, and the back-end can instantly know the quantity and type of products sold by the vending machine, and it can also receive instant feedback from users. Feedback. Once the goods in the vending machine are insufficient, the back office can replenish the goods in time. 'If you label food with a sensor function, you can also know whether the food is expired and the background can be replaced.'
Large-screen LCD Qingdao vending machines are favored by users, and can bring customers and benefits mainly in the following aspects:
1. Play dynamic pictures, it is easy to attract the attention and attention of the crowd, and the sales volume is large
2. Huge advertising effect and revenue, with the function and function of an advertising machine, the body and the LCD screen are two parts of advertising carrier.
3. Since the machine itself is fashionable and advanced, it can beautify and brighten the environment, so it is easy to talk about cooperation with the site.
The problem to be noted is that this kind of large-screen Qingdao vending machine is limited to areas with a safe environment at night, such as indoor environments or only large squares, not as good as waiting rooms, stadiums, campuses, etc.
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