What is the future of Dongguan vending opportunities

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-28

   Through a QR code or Near Field Communication (NFC) device, such as iPhone6, users can activate their personal accounts. Through this technology, cash or credit cards are no longer required for transactions, which allows the vending machine to achieve more functions:

   According to the user's purchase and favorite records, predict user preferences

   Monitor inventory to ensure that best-selling products are in stock

  Automatic maintenance to ensure that all products are at the proper temperature

  Vending Times believes that the ATM-like video surveillance system also protects the vending machine from damage or theft. With the help of this video surveillance system, criminals have already fallen into the French Open.

   'The biggest feature of these trendy vending machines is that they can greatly improve the level of interaction with consumers through bank cards, membership cards, mobile phones and Bluetooth technology,' said Tim Clark, head of SAP brand news, at the World Mobile Communications Conference. 'Many SAP customers are upgrading or deploying new smart vending machines to listen to the new needs of today's connected consumers.'

   Healthier food, bigger business opportunities

   Due to the requirements of the public and regulatory authorities, the products we see in vending machines are also changing. According to the new regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration, these devices are now also added to the ranks of restaurants, movie theaters or pizzerias, adding calorie labels to products.

   The New York Times wrote in a recent article: Vending machine operators are required to provide calorie stickers or slogans next to the products they sell or select buttons. Financial website The Motley Fool mentioned in an article last week: Critics believe that this regulation will cost manufacturers billions of dollars, but it will not achieve the goal of curbing obesity.

   But in fact, smart vending machines don’t need to spend a lot of money to print and post expensive stickers. There is a very simple way to display the nutritional information of the product.

Nancy Huehnergarth, a food policy activist, said when participating in BeyondChron: “The calorie label... is ultimately an educational measure to help consumers learn more and make wise decisions when buying goods. This will drive a new round of menus. rewrite.'

  Vending machines that choose 'healthy' are also used by companies. According to a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on health food vending machines on campuses, 71% of participating companies increased their income after the vending machines were updated, and 24% remained the same.

   'This change is not spectacle. According to a study by the Snack Food Association, the sales of healthy snacks surpassed traditional fast food by a substantial 4:1,' the American Lansing Journal wrote. 'As more and more consumers pay more attention to dietary health, market demand will continue to grow, bringing potential market opportunities.'

   'understand' your taste better than mom

   Finally, the consumer app will tell you what the vending machine is selling, how to pay, and how to find these machines. Apps like Yelp will allow vending machine operators to decide what they sell based on ratings.

   Vending machine editor Emily Refermat wrote in the article: 'I came into contact with Vndr and Vendingmychine, both of which focus on consumers, showing their choices and preferences.'

   Of course, the appearance of the vending machine may not undergo any dramatic changes, just like the telephone has not changed much in the past few decades. But new technologies, management models, and the needs of connected consumers will continue to change the shopping experience of vending machines.
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