What is the future prospect of unmanned vending machines

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-19
First of all, the market prospect of unmanned vending machines must be vast. Let's talk about the conclusion and then analyze:

Vending machines appeared in the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen stations and airports more than ten years ago. However, due to the limitation of payment methods, the vending machines basically relied on cash payment methods for settlement. The steps of queuing to find change are indeed relatively good. Cumbersome, the shopping experience is better than going to a convenience store to buy goods. In addition, because people did not understand and distrust the unmanned vending machine at that time, the unmanned vending machine broke down on the market at that time.

In recent years, with Papa Ma’s high expectations for unmanned retail at the “Ali Yunqi Conference”, many investors have turned their attention to the new blue ocean of unmanned vending machines.

In 2016, the overall market size of vending machines reached 7.5 billion.

In 2017, the overall market size of vending machines reached 12 billion.

In 2018, the overall market size of vending machines reached 19 billion.

In 2019, the overall market size of vending machines is as high as more than 20 billion yuan. The above data shows that the market prospects of vending machines are gradually expanding and expanding. From the beginning, vending machines that could only sell snacks and drinks have gradually developed diversified and broadened the way. Nowadays, in addition to the beverage and snack machines in the traditional market, there are also instant coffee machines, instant hot automatic lunch boxes, instant hot automatic breakfast machines and other products developed for office workers. They should be used for fresh and cold drinks. Micromarket, frozen ice cream machines, and small vending machines used in hotel rooms and other products. The current vending machine industry has long evolved from a single and one-sided image. It is more scene-oriented layout, diversified marketing, and different applicable machines should be introduced for different life scenarios. For example, during this epidemic, the popularity of unmanned mask vending machines was the same. And in the upcoming June and the upcoming colleges and universities, frozen ice cream machines and automatic box lunch machines are also a mess.

In the new blue sea of ??vending machines, there are people who win every day, and people lose everything every day. The reason for this differentiation is not the market itself, but the investor's own ability. The editor here also suggests that investors who want to enter this market must make adequate preparations before entering the market, and do not follow the trend.
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