What qualifications are needed to put vending

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-20
The vending machine itself can be used without any license, but if it is to open a store or have a business place, it needs to have a legal business qualification to operate normally. Generally speaking, there are the following licenses:
vending machine
1. Business license: No matter what kind of company, enterprise or individual small vendor, you need to have this license. At this time, you need to bring your personal ID card, a copy, or even the store lease contract or relevant documents to the local The Bureau of Industry and Commerce is fine, and the time required is not very long. If it involves food, you must apply for a health certificate before applying for a business license.
2. Tax registration: This certificate can only be processed after the business license is completed. Under no special circumstances, you need to go to the local taxation department for registration within 30 days after the business license is received. However, if there is no store, this certificate is not needed, and the business method will be much more flexible.
3. Hygiene license: All products related to food and beverages must have a hygienic license when operating. Entrepreneurs need to register with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and then apply for this certificate at the Health Bureau, even if there is no fixed store. It is also necessary to ensure hygiene and food safety to meet the qualifications for business operations.
The above gives a clear introduction to the license required for vending machines, I believe everyone is also very clear. Generally speaking, the vending machine does not require too many licenses and procedures. After all, it does not have a store. It can cooperate with some units or schools to earn considerable income. It not only has a large profit margin, a large sales volume, but also sustainable development and rapid profitability. The investment price ratio is very high.
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