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by:Easy Touch     2020-09-21
At present, unmanned vending machines are no longer a novel 'black technology' in China. Unmanned vending machines have been around for more than ten years. The reason why the vending machine is recognized and recognized by most people is that it often appears in the streets and lanes of various first- and second-tier cities, giving countless people a convenient shopping experience. Now the vending machine market has been widely recognized, and it has attracted countless investors to enter.
Unmanned vending machine
Generally speaking, the service life of vending machines on the market can usually reach about ten years, but in fact, due to the high frequency of use, lack of systematic maintenance, and no regular maintenance, most of the vending machines in our country are used Life expectancy is far less than ten years, usually about five or six years before the end of life. And this has almost shortened the service life by half, which also means that it has shortened the profit by half. Therefore, in order to obtain more benefits, the maintenance and maintenance of vending machines is extremely important.
vending machine
Since many vending machines are placed outdoors, they are inevitably exposed to wind, rain, snow, freezing, and water, which will seriously deplete the life of the vending machine. Therefore, it is recommended that operators place the vending machine on a relatively high concrete floor to avoid flooding. Then customize a stylish canopy, which can not only block rain and snow, increase the service life of the vending machine, but also use its stylish appearance to attract more customers to spend, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.
Unmanned vending machine
On how to extend the service life of vending machines, the editor will share with you here, we will see you next time.
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