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by:Easy Touch     2020-09-29
  The era is developing rapidly. Vending machines have very good market development prospects. While there are good opportunities, we must also pay attention to its business model and development. I will briefly list some important issues below:

1. The business model is mainly based on self-service operation, which can be divided into two types, namely, buying machines from manufacturers in full, and renting machines from large operating companies. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For short-term use, such as a few months or one or two years, it is more appropriate to rent the machine, and it is more convenient to return it after use. If it is a long-term use, it is definitely cost-effective to buy the machine directly from the manufacturer, because it requires rent and so on. It is not cost-effective to calculate the long-term lease.

2. The choice of products is very important. The choice of products is very important. You need to see what kind of products are suitable for the place where they are placed, and what the product's price positioning looks like, such as (snacks, drinks, etc.) ) Which varieties are the main choices are very important.

3. The choice of location The choice of location is very important for operating vending machines. At present, better locations include schools, hospitals, factories, company subways, high-speed rails, railway stations, bus stations, waiting rooms, etc. And the space is relatively closed and less competitive. In addition, when choosing a location, you must also look at the quality of the flow of people. It is not necessarily better if there are more people. For example, the sign of the train station is particularly crowded. It is the place where everyone gets on and off, but everyone is busy. Very few people will stop to buy things when getting on and off the bus, and it is much better to put the vending machine in the waiting room.

4. The choice of vending machines Vending machines in different goods lanes are suitable for selling different goods, and they are generally dedicated to special funds. The number and size of products that can be installed in different vending machine models and specifications are different. You can choose a suitable vending machine based on the flow of people and the approximate needs of the place where you put it. The vending machine must have complete functions, and must support WeChat, Alipay and other mobile phone scan codes to pay. Now the aunts in the vegetable market use their mobile phones to scan the QR code to collect money. Everyone must keep up with the pace of the times. People who like to bring change are more and more. The less. The vending machine must support a full-featured wireless remote management backend. You can monitor the operation data of the vending machine anytime and anywhere. You can see how much goods are sold and how many goods are left at a glance. You can know the details of the operation without going to the site in person Circumstances, can greatly reduce the expenditure of manpower and material resources, improve operating efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.

In China, the vending machine industry has just emerged, and its development prospects are still very good.
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