What to do if the vending machine fails

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-15
What should I do if the vending machine fails? The vending machine greatly facilitates the citizens. There are many reasons for the failure of the machine: one is that the machine is broken, which is less likely. The second is that the related goods in the vending machine have been sold. At this time, the word 'out of stock' will appear on the vending machine. If the 'change' button on the buyer's main engine is pressed, the recovered change will fall.
  Vending machine In either case, the customer only needs to call the 24-hour service hotline written on the vending machine body, and the company staff will instruct him what to do next. If the machine is malfunctioning, as long as the customer explains where he is, the company's colleague who restocks arrives at the scene, contacts the customer by phone, and returns the excess money to the customer. As long as he can explain what happened on which machine on which day, the company personnel checked the accounts of the day and found that there was a balance, and the excess money would still be returned to the customer.
   is mostly because some people do not use the 'new thing' of vending machines. For example, although the vending machine can recognize banknotes, it can only recognize banknotes that are more than 70% new (there is no requirement for old and new coins); some people have not read the instructions on the machine to 'turn the button to change money' and see the balance not found When I returned, I eagerly dialed the hotline; others were because the change rate was slower... It is worth noting that some people think that the machine is a 'stupid' and stuff the paper into the machine to see if the machine will ' Food and drinks were spit out. As a result, the paper was stuck in the machine, causing the machine's identification system to malfunction and causing trouble for people to shop. I hope that the general public will take good care of the vending machines so that this new thing can be promoted smoothly.
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