Work flow and power consumption of vending machines

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-29
The Dongguan vending machine is a mechatronics automation device. Under the premise that the currency has been input, it relies on the touch control button input signal to make the controller start the mechanical device at the relevant position to complete the specified action and output the goods.
Dongguan vending machines have their own dedicated communication protocol, 'MDB' for the European and American series, and 'VCCS' for the Japanese and Korean series. The main control panel, banknote recognizer, and coin manager (receiving recognition and change) follow this protocol. , The same series (European and American series or Japanese and Korean series) have strong versatility, not only the communication protocol is the same, but also the installation dimensions and plugs are the same. In other words, you can make parts such as fuselage and shipping, purchase A-brand control board, B-brand banknotes, and C-brand coin dispensers (of course, you can use the same manufacturer), so that they can all work normally. Gradually develop control panels, banknote devices, and coin devices when conditions are met. At present, most of the vending machines in China are control systems of European and American series that use MDB communication protocol.
The workflow of Dongguan vending machine:
①The user puts the currency into the coin slot, and the currency recognizer recognizes the deposited currency;
②The controller provides the saleable information of the product to the user through the selection button indicator according to the amount of money, and the user can independently select the product to be purchased;
③Press the button corresponding to the product selected by the user, and the controller receives the information transmitted by the button, drives the corresponding component, and sells the product selected by the user to the retrieval port;
Power consumption is closely related to the following conditions:
1. Whether the Dongguan vending machine is cooling or heating;
2. Machine installation location (outdoor/indoor);
3. Ambient temperature;
4. Machine sales (large sales volume will consume more power);
5. Season (the cold drink machine consumes little power in winter).
Daily power consumption
Dongguan vending machines without cooling/heating are about 0.5-1 degrees Celsius;
Beverage machine refrigeration is about 0.5-1 degrees in winter and 3-5 degrees in summer (some manufacturers can reach 6-8 degrees);
The beverage machine heats about 6-8 degrees in winter
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