Can vending machines sell cigarettes

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-27
Question: I am a licensed retailer in Chancheng District, Foshan City, and I operate a convenience store in the city center. Due to the large flow of people, I am overwhelmed for settlement. The demand for cigarettes is relatively high. Can I introduce vending machines for Are cigarettes sold?
   Answer: Hello! According to Article 40 of the Measures for the Administration of Tobacco Monopoly Licenses, citizens, legal persons, or other organizations are not allowed to use vending machines to sell tobacco products. At the same time, Article 37 of the Law on the Protection of Minors of the People's Republic of China prohibits the sale of tobacco and alcohol to minors. Using vending machines to sell tobacco products will not be able to identify whether the purchaser is a minor. The administrative department of tobacco monopoly will supervise and inspect whether the licensee is legally operating. If the licensee uses a vending machine to sell cigarettes, he will be ordered to suspend the tobacco monopoly business and conduct rectification. If the circumstances are serious, he will be cancelled from engaging in tobacco products. Retail qualifications, retail licenses will be withdrawn.
   To sum up, selling cigarettes through vending machines is illegal. You cannot use vending machines to sell cigarettes. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
(The above answer is provided by the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau of Foshan, Guangdong)

With the advancement of technology, the consumption model of vending machines has gradually become recognized by the Chinese, and some merchants have also followed up and purchased unmanned vending machines to expand their sales. However, please pay attention to those who purchase vending machines to sell cigarettes. It is illegal for some businesses to place cigarettes in unmanned vending machines for sale!
Why can't the vending machine sell cigarettes? If I have a tobacco monopoly license, can I use vending machines to sell cigarettes? The answer is no; the main reason is to avoid underage buying and using cigarettes, which will seriously affect the physical and mental health of young people. Therefore, Zhongji recommends that vending machines do not sell illegal items such as cigarettes and knives as much as possible, and can sell more profitable drinks and snacks. The current profit of beverages is about 30%, so the profit of selling beverages is also very considerable.
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