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Easy Touch Self–Serve Beer Vending Machine

Easy Touch Self–Serve Beer Vending Machine


It is well known that Tsingtao beer is famous all over the world, many tourists come to enjoy the original taste of the beer with local abundant seafood every year; the restaurants and sidewalk snack booth are very busy in the tourist season, people always need to wait in line during rush hour if they want to taste the famous fresh beer.

Imagine how great it would be if you could skip the crowds, and get a cup of ice-cold beer from a self-service equipment. Qingdao Easy Touch launches the beer self-serve vending machine to provide a prompt and efficient beer dispensing service. The fresh beer barrel was stored inside of vending machine; people could buy the draft brew beer anytime after payment. It’s very helpful to minimize queues at bars, ease bartenders' work, as well as the waiting time for tourists.

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