Mask vending machine operator: I don’t want

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-20
Under the epidemic situation, the demand for masks is very large. There is a certain risk for everyone to get together to buy them in a certain store. After all, it is a person-to-person transaction. So, our 24-hour mask vending machine is on fire.
Mask vending machine
Let me tell you a few stories first:
A rescue vehicle in a certain place encountered an accident during the rescue on a rainy day. The car door could not be opened. The driver contacted the unlocker. The locksmith rushed to open the car door and charged 300 for it. This was a fire, and everyone accused the locksmith. Injustice, the locksmith finally apologized and returned 300 yuan. I don't want to comment on this matter.

Let me tell you about a storm in Australia. In 2014, a hostage-taking incident occurred in the bustling area of ??Sydney. A large number of people needed to evacuate in time. When countless mobile phones called online car-hailing at the same time, I suddenly found out that the price of YB for shared travel It is four times higher than usual, and the online comments are one-sided, 'YB is simply a shameful company when terrorism occurs, and YB is simply a shameful company.'

Let us turn our eyes to 2000 years ago. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Lu State had a law. If the people of Lu State saw their compatriots reduced to slaves, they could receive compensation and rewards from the state as long as they were redeemed. One day, a student of Confucius in Zigong, redeemed the people of Lu from a foreign country, but rejected the state's reward, but Confucius said that you were wrong in Zigong. From then on, no one in Lu was to redeem the victims. Zigong’s behavior is indeed commendable, but he has raised a standard that everyone can abide by to a height that most people can’t reach. If you save a person and receive a bounty, you will be ridiculed as a greedy for money, instead of rewarding yourself. After suffering a loss, most people simply did not save their compatriots.

If one day, the rescue vehicle encounters an accident, the noble locksmith is not available, and the charging locksmith is afraid to come, the rescue vehicle can only lie in the water, and if there is a disaster one day, the number of caring drivers is not enough, and the price is fair The charging drivers are still not enough, but we can't use higher rewards to stimulate the 'credit-greedy' drivers, and the disaster-stricken people can only rely on their feet to evacuate, asking for more blessings.

If there are no mask vending machine operators, and without them putting mask vending machines in communities or fixed points, some people will find other channels to buy masks, which may not be reliable. Let's take a look at the price of masks. When there was not such a big demand before, you could buy three for one yuan, but now it has been driven up high. Similarly, in the face of the epidemic, if manufacturers who make masks do not spend money to hire a large number of workers to go to work, then most people are at some risk of being infected by the virus. If you don't wear an 'expensive' mask, you can't go anywhere. Everyone is staring at you. Why not wear a mask.
Mask vending machine
Business seems 'relentless', but its greatest significance is to use the 'supply and demand relationship' to tell you how much money can solve your problem. If one day the world does not have to pay, no one will solve the problem. Is the biggest problem.
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