Several major trends in China's vending machine industry

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-06
1. The rise of lightweight equipment
After sorting out the development context of the industry for many years, we can see that domestic factories, schools, hospitals, and other large-scale traffic resources are beginning to become tense. Compared with these points, the commercial buildings and office points that are slightly 'underweight' gradually Commercial buildings and other places that have become a new choice for operating companies and have high requirements for the specifications of vending machines. Obviously traditional equipment is not up to the relevant mission. At the same time, based on the needs of more newcomers for entrepreneurial trials, it is low-cost and practical and lightweight The market demand for entry-level equipment has greatly increased, and it is expected that in 2015, lightweight equipment will gradually emerge in the industry.
2. Business segmentation
In the vending machine industry in 2015, there will be further business segmentation based on the products sold and the functions of the equipment. From manufacturers to operators, all companies will have their own corporate labels. For example, equipment companies specializing in the production of beverage dispensers, companies specializing in the production of box lunch machines, companies specializing in fresh food, companies specializing in adult products, etc. After the expansion of the industry, further segmentation of the business will become a trend, and here In the process, the types, quantity and scale of emerging businesses will also far exceed the industry development records of the previous two years.
3. Open collaboration among industry chain enterprises will become a trend
With the gradual subdivision of the industry’s public service organization China’s vending machine industry alliance and industry business, industry companies in 2015 will have more open cooperation cases, from joint R&D among manufacturers to joint sales, to operators and operators. Operators’ market groups, professional service companies and commodity brand companies’ combined cooperation, openness and cooperation will have a profound impact on the industry trends in 2015. More and more enterprises will obtain more benefits from open collaboration in the actual development process.
4. Cross-industry integration business will become a flashpoint for industry business growth
Cross-industry integration has actually been visible in the industry development process in 2014, but throughout 2015, it is believed that cross-industry integration and cooperation will be expected to truly normalize the industry. Whether it is cooperation with Internet e-commerce companies, cooperation with traditional retail industry companies, or cooperation with the media marketing industry, more and more cross-border businesses will appear in the industry. Take the recent popular O2O in the industry as an example. Traditionally, it is interpreted as an online-to-offline business, but throughout 2015, O2O may be interpreted as a joint operation.
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