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by:Easy Touch     2020-09-28
Nowadays, there are many kinds of vending machines in China, and their functions are gradually complete. They can be used to sell beverages, juices, snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, and three nutritional meals. The payment method has also changed from traditional paper and coin payment to more convenient mobile payment, and then to more advanced facial recognition and facial payment. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of common vending machines?
Different vending machines have their applicable consumption scenarios and product categories. What are the advantages and disadvantages of several common vending equipment? How to choose a machine? This is a question that every third-party operator should think deeply about when investing in the operation of vending machine equipment.
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It belongs to the mode of paying first and then getting the goods, which is relatively safe.
1. Unmanned vending machine with spring spiral cargo lane
This kind of goods aisle appeared on vending machines earlier. This kind of goods aisle has the characteristics of simple structure and various types of goods that can be sold. It can sell common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities, as well as bottled beverages.
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Advantages: The price is relatively low, and you can sell a variety of different kinds of goods, such as common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities and beverages; the spring cargo lane is generally equipped with large-size glass, and consumers can intuitively see the goods inside ; Springs with different pitches are suitable for different sizes of beverages, and can be sold in bottles or cans, and there are many types that can be sold.
Disadvantages: Replenishment is troublesome and time-consuming. It is necessary to pull out the cargo lane and place the goods carefully one by one. Poor placement will increase the rate of jams; high failure rate of moving parts; large gaps between beverages cause the machine The space utilization rate is low; the large showcase glass has no thermal insulation layer, which has poor thermal insulation and consumes more electricity when it is turned on.

2. Unmanned vending machine on track cargo lane
The crawler cargo lane is an extension of the spring cargo lane, but there are many restrictions. It is only suitable for the sale of products with fixed packaging and 'stand' stability.
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Advantages: Suitable for products with a certain weight and a stable 'stand', such as boxed lunches, boxed snacks, canned drinks, and small daily commodities; the products are arranged neatly and beautifully, giving consumers a good visual sense.
Disadvantages: Relatively high cost and troublesome replenishment. It takes time and effort to extract the cargo lanes and carefully place the goods one by one. The shipment is not accurate and can only sell stable products; the track life is limited. Need to check and replace the track regularly.
Unmanned vending machine
3. Serpentine vending machine
The cargo lane developed exclusively for the sale of beverages is suitable for the sale of various bottled and canned beverages. Beverage bottles and cans are placed horizontally one by one. The beverages are stacked on the inside of the goods to form the most densely packed state and slide out by their own gravity. goods.
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Advantages: large commodity capacity, many types of beverages that can be sold, and extremely high utilization of the beverage layer stacking space; it is not easy to jam, and the skin is durable and has a long life; replenishment is simple and saves time and effort, just throw the beverage in horizontally, and operate Low cost; few moving parts and low failure rate; storage areas are all wrapped in an insulation layer with good insulation performance and energy saving.
Disadvantages: complex structure, difficult research and development, high requirements for the production and research and development capabilities of the enterprise; high production cost, slow refrigeration; only bottled and canned beverages can be sold, and the last bottle cannot be sold.

4. Multi-door lattice cabinet vending machine
The multi-door lattice cabinet is a cluster of lattice cabinets. Each lattice has a separate door and control mechanism. Each lattice can hold one product or a set of products.
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Advantages: It can sell goods of any size (provided that it can be placed in a grid). This structure is simple and low in cost, and is suitable for scenarios where there are more types of goods and a single demand.
Disadvantages: The space utilization rate is extremely low, the number of goods accommodated is small, and the cost is not the same according to the material difference of the equipment body.
Unmanned vending machine
The security performance of the above unmanned vending machines is relatively high, and there is no problem of theft. Therefore, the operator is relatively easy in the operation process, and only needs to replenish the goods on time and on demand.
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