The Causes of Goods Stuck in Spiral Column and the Fixing Methods

The Causes of Goods Stuck in Spiral Column and the Fixing Methods


 Why the goods in the spring column of spiral vending machine were jammed sometimes?

1. The size of the goods is inconsistent with the specifications of the pitch of Spiral;

2. Incorrect posture of filling product;

3. The packing does not meet the requirements;

4. Communication interruption;

5. Machine fault


Once the product was jammed during the dispensing process, there are following fixing methods for your reference:

1.       Contact the operator for help, their contacts may be posted on the front door of the machine. They may refund for you.

2.       Continue to buy another product at the back, the spiral spring may turn around and push out the product and jammed one together.

3.       Operator need to check if the product size and package fit the column size well, if not, please replace the right size product or spiral spring.

4.       Check the status of the telecom network, confirm the quality of the SIM card or WIFI, and make sure the connection works well.

5.       If the operator cannot fix the problem as the machine hardware problem, please contact the after sales engineer of factory, they may provide you the instruction or go to site for maintenance service.

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