Do beverage vending machines make money? Is it

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-22
Nearly the summer months, everyone’s demand for drinks is getting higher and higher. This time the epidemic broke out, unattended shopping has become popular. Therefore, unmanned vending machines have become popular, so some people will ask: Is it profitable to invest in beverage vending machines? Is it too late to get started now? I will give you a detailed analysis.
The main cost we consider when we make a vending machine is nothing more than the machine itself, the rent of the venue, and the merchandise sold. In addition, there is manpower input, which is relatively low cost. The site, such as scenic spots, schools, shopping malls and other relatively closed places with a fixed range is more expensive. The price of the machine itself is actually not expensive. Generally, a machine of several thousand yuan can be used to sell goods and cooperate with suppliers, and the products are wholesale. The price, the rest is nothing.

The profitability of automatic beverage vending machines has the greatest relationship with points, and good points make good profits. Better locations such as universities, stations, airports, hospitals, etc., for a university, for example, you can try to operate a beverage vending machine without much effort. Anyway, the current vending machines are smart. Check the operating data of the vending machine anytime, anywhere, and replenish it when it is out of stock, which is more worry-free. A single day's turnover can easily reach 1,000 yuan. Excluding costs and rent, a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan is not a problem. What's more, there are large screens on the vending machines that can play advertisements, and the revenue from the advertising business is also considerable. Of course, in addition to good points, there are also some points, such as office buildings, where the passenger flow is relatively small, and the daily turnover of a vending machine may be several hundred yuan or even lower, and the profit for such a month may also be relatively low. But the income of one sideline is also good.

Unmanned beverage vending machines greatly facilitate the lifestyle of consumers and can create wealth and income for investors, which can be described as mutually beneficial. Coupled with the epidemic, the prospects of self-service vending machines are brighter. In the long run, the development trend is very good. With the development of the economy, the demand for vending machines will definitely increase!

Nowadays, many people feel that drink unmanned vending machines are not popular enough now, and they have no habit of using self-service vending machines to buy things. However, the market is always moving forward. The new generation of young people has a high acceptance of new things. In such places as subway stations, railway stations, commercial streets, and schools, the number of potential customers is huge. Especially in schools, students are active groups and have a high acceptance of new things. Another point is to respond to the call of the epidemic and let students do contactless shopping. Many schools have arranged for unmanned vending machines.

In short, operating a vending machine is a very good business, especially in the current market situation this year. As long as you choose a good manufacturer and an appropriate operating strategy, making money is relatively easy. Zhongji can provide a series of after-sales and other services to help everyone better operate the unmanned vending machine. If you want to join, hurry up!
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