Dongguan vending machines launch 'salesmen who

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-06
   Dongguan vending machines put in 'salesmen who never leave work'. Expert analysis believes that under the weight of admission fees, using vending machines and other methods is a useful attempt. If traditional media wants to keep their own living space, they should also realize 'new media'.

Chao Gangling, director of the Modern Marketing Research Center of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, said that the delivery of vending machines in Dongguan is called 'the salesperson who never leaves work', but the current effect has not fully shown. The main reason is that the traditional domestic retail channels can be better. To meet the needs of consumers: On the one hand, people in big cities have a relatively high degree of clustering, unlike those in foreign countries. On the other hand, the business hours in cities are generally longer, and foreign shops generally close early. 'But with the continuous expansion and development of cities and changes in consumer habits, the sales model of vending machines has market potential.'

  Chen Junsong, a lecturer in marketing at China Europe International Business School, believes that magazine vending machines are a good sales and promotion channel, and they target consumers more accurately than outdoor advertising. In addition to selling magazines, magazine vending machines are also a form of 'selling advertisements.'

   Amir said that in addition to the diversification of vending machines in Dongguan, in the era of the rise of new media, traditional media must realize three-dimensional content based on different carriers and consumers’ unique reading and buying habits.

  Chen Junsong believes that in the competition between traditional media and new media, in fact, they are constantly 'new media.' Traditional media can achieve transformation by building new carriers and platforms, using their strong content and audience base advantages.
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