Have you seen the vending machine on the bus?

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-02
Have you seen the vending machine on the bus? In the morning, in the bus company Shenwo Bus Company, a pure electric bus that has not been on the road, saw a 'new member' in the four-seater behind the cab , There is a white cuboid box with a height of more than 1 meter, a width of about 60 cm, and a thickness of about 40 cm, roughly equivalent to a seat position. There is a 27-inch electronic display on the front of the box. 'This is the beverage vending machine on the bus,' the staff of the bus group said, 'The installation of this kind of vending machine on the bus is the first of its kind in the same industry in China. The prototype is now installed. After debugging, , Will be gradually promoted in other vehicles.'
The vending machine can hold 16-20 bottles of two kinds of drinks, and can use the bus IC card and mobile Alipay to pay. The operation method is very simple. 'The staff of the Oneida vending machine company demonstrated the operation method of buying drinks on the spot. First, select the type of drink on the upper right of the vending machine. If you want to use the bus IC card to pay the fee, it only takes 0.55 seconds. After the payment is completed, the display shows the balance, and a bottle of the corresponding drink will appear at the delivery port. In addition, for some passengers who do not use the bus IC card, they can also choose to use mobile Alipay, just open Alipay and put the mobile phone in 'Alipay Soundwave' 'Payment area', the display shows the balance, a few seconds later a corresponding bottle of beverage will appear at the delivery port, remove the phone and pick up the goods.
   In response to a question that everyone may be concerned about: 'Does the installation of this device occupy the passenger seat?' The staff of the public transportation group said that it does not occupy the passenger seat and will not affect the passengers to take the bus. There are still 32 seats in the car as originally approved, and this device is on a 50 cm high step inside the car, which does not affect passengers getting on and off the car. At the same time, the wiring part of this machine is close to the wall of the carriage, and the low-voltage power supply of the vehicle is used, which will not affect the safety of the car.
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