How about drink vending machines?

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-24
How about drink vending machines? Do beverage vending machines make money? With this question, let everyone understand the current situation. The development prospects of beverage vending machines can be seen from the following three aspects.
1. Vending machines become a new channel
Nowadays, the cost of traditional FMCG channels continues to increase, and the consumption scene continues to show fragmented development. Many beverage companies are even in a dilemma of loss, leading to continuous product upgrades by major beverage companies. Traditional channels are almost saturated, and emerging channels are growing rapidly, especially the emergence of vending machine channels, attracting more and more companies to enter the market. Using vending machines to change and upgrade traditional channel distributors can not only realize the profits of beverage companies, but also increase market share. Vending machines are currently in its infancy in China, but for beverage giants, vending machines can greatly reduce operating costs, so beverage vending machines have become a golden weapon for many companies.
2. The rise of the Internet helps the development of beverage vending machines
The application of the Internet and smart technology has improved the merchandise sales experience of vending machines. Diversified payment methods allow consumers to enjoy the convenience of instant consumption. As the convenience of vending machines increases, people trust vending machines more. Vending machines do not require manual duty, convenient management, flexible operation and other advantages, so that vending machines have long become an indispensable part of people's daily life. At present, beverage vending machines are everywhere in crowded places such as subway stations, train stations, shopping malls, and office buildings.
Third, the limiting factors for the development of beverage vending machines have been broken
Although the domestic vending industry started late, it is developing rapidly. At present, there are two major factors hindering the development of my country's vending industry: one is the lack of effective financing and investment methods. At present, the number of domestic manufacturers of vending machines continues to increase, and the number of varieties increases accordingly, and vending machine operators continue to expand their choices. However, the operation and investment cost of vending machines is very high, and the financing method is still not very mature, which hinders the development of the industry; second, the operation and management methods need to be improved. Vending machines are generally distributed in densely populated places, including factories, schools, office buildings, railway stations, airports and other areas with high traffic volume, which have great consumption potential. However, the operation routes and distribution points are relatively scattered, resulting in relatively high operating and maintenance costs. Only by improving the management order and controlling the distribution points can the cost of operation and maintenance be reduced and greater profits can be obtained. As beverage giants enter the vending industry one after another, these limiting factors will gradually be broken.
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