How does the vending machine recognize coins?

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-01
At the moment, with the improvement of the civil civilization index, the human-made destructive factors for vending machines are becoming rarer, and this new format is beginning to take off. Only when each of us consciously becomes friends with the vending machine and consciously takes good care of it, our life will be better, and our city and country will become more and more harmonious.
1. The 'coin device' currently in use is equipped with an induction coil to detect the authenticity of the coin by sensing the material, size and other elements of the coin. According to the technical staff of the vending machine, different materials have different magnetic field changes, which can be analyzed, probed and identified through electronic technology, and spectrum analysis can also be used for more advanced detection.
2. A pile of real and fake coins, which can be distinguished from the real in a moment. The machine is composed of a shell, a voice prompt monitor, and a memory probe. The memory probe is its core. According to reports, the memory in the probe can instantly identify the weight, volume, and metal composition of the coin touched. Because of the gap between real and fake coins in these aspects, the results will naturally be different when facing the machine.
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