How much does the vending machine need to repair?

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-29
Nowadays, the number of vending machines on the market is increasing, and it is inevitable that there will be problems with machine equipment failure. From our tenant data analysis, there are many operators who have been visiting unmanned vending machines. Are maintenance costs expensive? The editor will help you answer the most common equipment failures in response to such problems, as follows:
Display repair cost: This aspect depends on the degree of damage. If the electronic components of the circuit board inside are damaged, the repair cost will not be very high. The price generally ranges from 100 yuan to 300 yuan. If the entire display is damaged, it can only be purchased again and cannot be repaired. In this case, it can only be purchased at the price sold by the manufacturer.

Maintenance cost of the motherboard: Most of the damage is caused by the aging of electronic components or the damage of the original parts caused by rainwater leakage. The degree of damage is different. The maintenance cost is also different. For example, if the entire circuit board is damaged, it cannot be repaired. , Only the whole motherboard can be replaced, and the price is determined by the price of different manufacturers. If the electronic components are damaged, the price is generally: 100 yuan to 300 yuan

Maintenance cost of spring cargo lane: the more damaged are the motors. The general market price of single-head motors ranges from 30 yuan to 40 yuan, and the general market prices of double-head motors range from 70 yuan to 80 yuan, and the prices of different manufacturers It's not the same. Crawler cargo lane maintenance cost: The cost of such cargo lanes and motors are relatively more expensive than other cargo lanes. Such cargo lane damage can only be replaced by the entire cargo lane and cannot be repaired. The market price is generally between 100 yuan and 150 yuan.

The above situations are the most common problems in our after-sales service, so the editor reminds you that in order to reduce the cost and frequency of repairs, you generally need to maintain and maintain your vending machine equipment.
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