How much is a common vending machine?

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-28

With the development of society and the advancement of technology, such vending machines for selling beverages are appearing more and more in various places.
For example, railway stations, subway stations, bus stations, hospitals, campuses, industrial areas, parks, tourist attractions, commercial streets, shopping malls, self-employed shops, etc.
Labor costs and shop rents are getting higher and higher, and traditional physical stores are difficult to meet the shopping needs of some special places.
This gives various vending machines the opportunity to display their skills!

The grid cabinet without system is generally around 5-7 thousand yuan,
But it cannot be used alone, it can only be linked to a smart vending machine with a system;
The lattice cabinet with system is generally around 8-9 thousand and can be used alone.
The price of spring/track vending machines is generally more than 10,000 to more than 20,000.
It depends on the size and configuration.
The price of beverage vending machines in the snake-shaped cargo lane (S-shaped stacked cargo lane) is relatively high.
The small ones cost more than 10,000, and the large ones cost more than 20,000.

Vending machines can sell all kinds of fast-moving consumer goods such as beverages and snacks.
Although FMCG is not a profitable commodity, the market demand is extremely huge.
The overall profit is still very impressive.
Vending machines can sell goods independently, saving a lot of manpower,
Regular replenishment based on the back-end marketing data is enough, and it is easier to operate.
Vending machines are so good, how much is a common vending machine, and which vending machine is cost-effective?
In fact, the prices of different types of vending machines vary greatly, ranging from a few thousand to thirty or forty thousand.
The cost-effective model is of course a vending machine with a scanner,
Now it’s so convenient to go out and scan the QR code on WeChat to buy things.

Everyone is very concerned about the question of how much a vending machine costs.
But we should also be concerned about the strength and after-sales service level of the vending machine manufacturers.
After all, the latter is more important!
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