How to choose Dongguan vending machine

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-28
   The site selection of the Dongguan vending machine operation point is a relatively complicated task. To select a suitable and profitable point from a large number of points is also a challenging and heavy workload. The following points should be paid attention to when selecting a site:
1. In the selection of the location of the operation point, the first principle of the Dongguan vending machine placement address is to be convenient, as close as possible to the consumer, in simple terms, to place the equipment within the consumer’s daily activities. Such as schools, factories, offices or near schools, etc., especially those with relatively closed environments and lack of retail services around them.
2. Crowd factors Crowd factors are very important to the site selection of vending machines in Dongguan. First of all, a certain flow of people must be ensured around the locations where they are put into operation. The specific flow of people can be calculated by formulas based on different scenarios. For example, the flow of people in public places can be calculated by 'value = number of people passing through/hour'. Another important aspect of the crowd factor is to analyze the consumption habits and income levels of the people around the device to avoid deviations in the effectiveness of the device.
3. Competitive factors Among all the factors that affect the location and location of Dongguan vending machines, competitive factors must be considered. If there are strong competitive factors in the selected area, full consideration should be given to the site selection. If there is no special advantage, it is recommended to invest with caution. The existence of competitive factors will affect the actual efficiency of vending machine operations to varying degrees.
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