How to deal with the hard failure of the vending machine

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-14
1. Before determining the purchase of vending machines, market research should be conducted first, including potential customers of vending machines and their required product characteristics and prices, vending machine installation location characteristics, vending machine input costs and rate of return, etc.;
2. After determining the products sold by the vending machine (vending machine), study its sales volume and its characteristics, and then timely replace the type and quantity of the goods sold by the vending machine, increase the sales volume and ensure that the products sold by the after-sale machine are available Within the warranty period;
3. Money management: collect the coins that are always put in the automatic after-sales machine in time, so as to avoid too many coins in the paper money device and coin device in the automatic vending machine to cause blockage, resulting in failure to find change or collect the coins invested by customers; but It should be noted that a certain amount of coins (usually around seven or eight coins) should be kept in the coin machine when receiving coins. This is to facilitate change and prevent coins from bouncing in the empty coin bucket. Failure to perform the change function due to damage to the coin device;
5. Regularly check the number of products sold by automatic after-sales machines and their turnover, and find ways to increase machine turnover based on the internal data of the vending machines;
6. Dedicated personnel regularly maintain, manage and operate the vending machine, which can reduce the number of failures of the vending machine, extend the service life of the vending machine, and improve the overall efficiency;
7. When the vending machine has a hard failure, contact the person in charge of the vending machine factory in time to understand the solution, and solve the problem in time to ensure the normal operation of the vending machine;
8. According to the different types of vending machines and the pertinence of the seasons, appropriately increase the types and quantities of vending machines and the types and quantities of products to achieve the purpose of low management costs and large-scale vending machine operations.
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