How to discuss cooperation with unmanned vending machines

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-24
With the fast-paced economic development, people are increasingly pursuing timeliness and convenience when buying businesses. The era of unmanned retail and self-service shopping is slowly coming. Whether it is a densely populated residential area or a sparsely populated tourist attraction, more and more people can see the shadow of unmanned vending machines. Recently, the editor found our Zhongji machine in the tourist area. There is really a way to see a close friend. It feels. But what if you want to operate an unmanned vending machine and don’t know how to talk about it? The editor below will give you some suggestions for your reference.

1. Choose a business partner
First of all, you must figure out where you want to put the unmanned vending machine. Such as the school, the shopping mall, the factory, or the location in the community. After choosing the place where you want to put the unmanned vending machine, you can know who to talk about business with.

2. Grasp regional needs
The demand for unmanned vending machines in each region is different. Some places, such as factories, are to facilitate self-service shopping for employees; educational places like schools are to provide convenience for students and teachers; places like communities are generally It's a convenience, and I don't want to go a long way; and places like shopping malls are purely for profit.

3. Prescribe the right medicine to solve the needs
Knowing the actual needs of the area, or the actual purpose of the area for unmanned vending machines, can only prescribe the right medicine when communicating and negotiating. For example, in places like factories, most bosses want you to go to provide convenience to employees and retain workers. But in a place like a shopping mall, whether you come or not has no effect on it, but you have to pay if you go, and your actual needs are much higher than it. When discussing business with the factory owner, talk more about the benefits of serving workers; talk about business with the person in charge of the mall, just talk more about what benefits you can bring to the mall, and even give the mall a certain profit share.

4. Understand the policies and regulations
For public spaces like schools and communities, it is necessary to understand the relevant policies and attitudes of the local government and competent authorities. Be sure to check the policies and rules, or you just put the unmanned vending machine there, and you will be taken away by the city management or management staff after a while. If there is no prohibition in the policy, it will be much easier to negotiate with the heads of schools and communities.

5. Provide a certain return
For places like schools and communities, you must first find the person in charge to talk and tell him that unmanned vending machines can facilitate people’s lives, and at the same time, they can also provide a certain amount of rent, which can serve community residents and school teachers and students, and pay back You can earn a return and have the best of both worlds.

In fact, whether it is a community, a school, or a factory or a shopping mall, if there are no competitors, you can build an unmanned vending machine by yourself. As long as you pay a rent and the policy allows, you will basically agree and you can negotiate. However, if someone competes with you, it will be difficult.
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