How to overhaul the vending machine

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-16
Anyone who has used an unmanned self-service vending machine knows that its prices are set in advance, and you can buy the goods you want by inserting coins at the corresponding price. However, relevant experts have analyzed and said that there are several factors that will affect it when pricing it.
1. Pricing should pay attention to the needs and desires of consumers, and adjust prices in time according to the intensity of consumer needs and desires.
2. Pay attention to environmental factors. Large environmental factors such as the local macroeconomic situation, etc., and small environmental factors such as the surrounding traffic and the distribution of supporting shopping points, and the surrounding price conditions. Areas like train stations can be priced slightly higher, but for mature communities and streets, you should pay attention to price control.
3. Pricing should fully understand consumers' shopping attitudes and shopping behaviors. Consumers’ shopping attitudes and behaviors greatly affect sales. Therefore, in the pricing process, it is necessary to fully study the shopping attitudes and shopping behaviors of consumers in the region. For different types of shopping attitudes and shopping behaviors, Operating companies should fully perform pricing judgments.
4. Pricing should pay attention to the demographic characteristics of the environment. Demographic characteristics include gender, age, income level, and so on.
5. Consumers’ lifestyles. Consumers’ lifestyles will affect their consumption habits. For example, for the affluent class, they are used to pursuing comfort and convenience, but are not sensitive to prices. On the contrary, it is more sensitive to price. Therefore, pay attention to related issues when pricing.
After the vending machine reaches the operating point, the daily operation control will determine the profit output of the vending machine. Daily operation control should include the following key points:
Timely replenishment of goods: timely replenishment of out-of-stock goods to reduce operational losses caused by missing goods.
Proper equipment maintenance and cleaning: regularly inspect and maintain the equipment, such as cleaning the coin slot, clear filter, checking the power cord for rat poison marks, wiping the body, keeping the body clean, etc., to fully protect the machine Normal usage rate and increase users' desire to buy.
Timely cash collection and replenishment: Regular collection of cash in the equipment and coins in the equipment. Reduce operation suspension caused by problems such as missing coins and full cash storage.
Reasonable product placement and inspection: During the operation and maintenance process, attention should be paid to the standardized placement of the goods in the equipment, and at the same time, regular review and inspection work should be done to check the condition of the equipment inside the equipment, such as whether the lighting equipment is in good condition and the label is intact. Is there any pollution?
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