Looking back on 2019, what changes and improvements

by:Easy Touch     2020-09-30
2019 is about to pass, and the vending machine industry is still a year of coexistence of challenges and opportunities. It seems to be 'calm', but in fact it is indeed 'magnificent.' So, what are the changes and improvements in the vending machine industry?

Looking back at 2019, although the vending machine industry is full of challenges and looks like a fog, there are obvious changes in essence:
1. Market stratification is clearer
The development trend of the conventional business market in the domestic vending machine industry is divided into levels. The leading companies have obvious advantages, and there is a clear gap in the business ownership and scale of the followers, and various vending machine companies have 'standing on' major platforms to carry out cooperation. Youbao is undoubtedly the “leader” in the vending machine industry. It not only completed the 1.6 billion yuan financing led by Ant Financial and Chunhua Capital, but also improved its business ecology. . According to public information, Youbao Online currently operates more than 100,000 smart retail terminals, and its operating network has covered more than 300 cities.

2. Deep cultivation in the vertical field, 'small but beautiful' broke out overnight
With the rapid development of the conventional market, market competition and potential demand have forced many vending machine companies to develop more refined positioning. Various vertical segments of the industry market have developed rapidly, and star companies have emerged in endlessly. Typical examples are Angel Orange in the field of freshly squeezed orange juice, Yaoshang.com in the field of unsold medicine, and medicine convenience, etc., and AIBUY, hot ice, Jibing, ICE Kimo in the field of ice cream, etc. Occupation of fresh milk in the milk field, Yiming fresh milk, etc., have a glorious moment.

3. Vending machines pay more attention to innovation
For many companies, 2019 has not been smooth sailing. Many companies have sensed many unfavorable market factors and launched more mature products and application models, which have been widely recognized by the market in practice, including various smart containers. , Retail robots, etc., these emerging fields have great development potential, and have a profound trend of changing the existing pattern of the industry market.

4. The business shifts from diversification to specialization
In the turbulent period of industry market development, the domestic vending machine industry has flooded with a large number of participants. Among them are many layman 'spoilers'. After the market 'baptism' that has lasted in recent years, most participants have begun to return to their senses. On the whole, the participation of the industry market is gradually shifting from diversification to specialization. Brands, retailers, e-commerce, logistics service providers, and real estate service providers are becoming the new main force for market development.
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