Low-carbon life solar energy Qingdao vending machine

by:Easy Touch     2020-08-30
At the 'New Energy, New City, New Life' low-carbon carnival, students from Jiaotong University brought a sample of Qingdao vending machine. Its cabinet is about 1 meter high and uses a transparent glass door. A solar panel with a size of about 1 square meter converts solar energy into electrical energy and directly supplies power to the DC compressor. Install a solar panel for the vending machine, and use the electricity generated by solar energy to drive the refrigerator to achieve the cooling effect. Vending machines not only get rid of the dependence on conventional power sources, they are more low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and can move arbitrarily, making them a 'mobile soldier' in summer.
'Low-carbon life, are you ready?' Qingdao's vending machine low-carbon lifestyle is becoming more and more sought after by fashionable people in the city. These people are quietly converging into a growing new urban group-low carbon One family, they set off wave after wave of low-carbon life craze. What exactly is a 'low-carbon life'? Industry experts believe that, to put it simply, it is to encourage everyone to start from their own habits, control or pay attention to personal carbon dioxide emissions, and reduce global carbon dioxide emissions.
The Chinese have a saying, don’t do something small and don’t do something small. The theme of the 'low-carbon life' concept can be summarized as 'appropriate food, housing, transportation, use, no waste, more exercise', Qingdao vending machine low-carbon life actually only requires you to slightly change your lifestyle and be an environmental expert !
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